Perfect Homes for your Lifestyle




You’ve dreamed it, and now you’re ready.  You’re about to purchase or design that perfect new home with the layout, decor and colours that reflect your personality and lifestyle.  This is an exciting undertaking and a major step for you and your family.

A home for all age groups

Whether you’re ready to invest in your first home, looking to accommodate a growing family or thinking about a retirement home, our manufacturers can help you reach the finish line on time, on budget and faster than any other method of building.


Could one of these be your new home?


No matter what type of home you are looking for, your new manufactured home can be customized to be just as beautiful as you’ve dreamed it could be!

When making the decision to buy a new construction home you will be faced with many decisions. One of the most important is who will build your new home.


We Have the Advantage:

Factory-based construction is a well-planned process, involving precision assembly, meticulous craftsmanship and stringent quality control. All are keys to an energy-efficient home. Building indoors in an enclosed protected environment prevents weather damage to materials and to the home while under construction. This means no risk of vandalism, wet lumber or insulation or wind tears in the air barrier.

With a factory-built home you will benefit from: 

Perfect-have-advantage-Design Flexibility
-Efficiency and Reliability
-Attention to Details
-Quality Control Construction
-On-Time & On Budget Delivery
-Reputable Builders Certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
-A home that will meet or exceed all applicable building, electrical and plumbing codes



It’s as simple as that!

 … discover the possibilities!