Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can the Manufactured Housing Association of Atlantic Canada help me in my business? Question 1 Response 

  2. What are the MHAAC’s priorities? Question 2 Response

  3. I already belong to other associations/industry groups. Why should I join the MHACC? What are the benefits? Question 3 Response

  4. What are the opportunities to network with other members and make business contacts? Question 4 Response

  5. I have very little time to participate. How would I get enough out of my membership? Question 5 Response

  6. Would I have a say – can I become involved in the Association’s activities? Question 6 Response 

  7. Do you offer professional development or training—i.e. workshops or courses? Question 7 Response

  8. Can I “test-run” a membership; e.g., come to a function, before I make up my mind? Question 8 Response

  9. What are some examples of the Association’s past successes? Question 9 Response

  10. How long do I have to sign up for? Question 10 Response 

  11. How does the association raise its funds? Question 11 Response

  12. Who are your members? Question 12 Response

  13. Who can become members? Question 13 Response