Code of Ethics

Members Agree To:

  • Conduct their business in a fashion which brings respect and prestige to the industry and to the Association

  • Adhere only to those practices which provide customers with a clear and definite understanding of their obligations to each other and shall deal in a fair and honest manner

  • Merchandise their industry products and services honestly, giving good value to the customer

  • Clearly state in writing the terms and conditions of all transactions, including warranty(s)

  • Recognize their after sale responsibilities and provide the highest level of service at a reasonable charge to their customers

  • Accurately and truthfully describe in all advertising, the product or service offered for sale and the terms under which it may be purchased

  • Maintain a position of truth and integrity between the customer, and manufacturer and ensure it is predicated on trust, value and service, and the quality of product shall stand above all other factors in developing that relationship

  • Conduct themselves in a manner which will bring credit to the Association or other members, thereof

  • Operate so as to extend the effectiveness of the Association by interchanging information, experience and research to further the overall well being of the industry