Purchasing a Manufactured Home

Some aspects of buying modular homes are a little different from the traditional home buying process. Here are the 9 easy steps to buying a manufactured or modular home:

1. Find a Manufacturer

Most factory-based builders provide homes in a very large area, often covering the entire Atlantic Canada region, with a network of sales offices or independent retailers that represent the manufacturer and sell the homes.

Some of our housing manufacturers are also represented in Ontario, Quebec, and the New England states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont and will also ship internationally.

Visit the “Member Directory” to locate a Sales Centre and/or home Manufacturer in your area.


2. Visit your local model homes and sales centres

Most manufacturers and their retailers have a model home or a sales centre with several display models. Touring the model homes is a great way to get a close look at the types of homes available and the construction quality, finishing touches and the features and products offered.

Make an appointment for a personalized tour and a chance to discuss the home buying process in detail.

Visit the “Member Directory” to locate a Sales Centre and/or home Manufacturer in your area.

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3. Take a tour of a manufactured home plant


A factory tour is a unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of how the homes are built and their benefits.

Make arrangements with the manufacturer or builder/retailer in advance to make sure you get a guided tour.



4. Arrange easy financing for your new manufactured home


A pre-approved mortgage can help you shop for homes with confidence.

A pre-arranged mortgage will held you determine what you can afford, how much you can borrow, how much of a mortgage payment you can handle and what those payments will be, what your interest rate will be for the term you’ve chosen and what happens if interest rates rise while you are looking for a home.


Mortgage financing can be arranged through one of our member financial centres, through the financial institution recommended by one of our member manufacturers and/or its retail centre or through your local financial institution. Check our Member Directory to find the closest MHAAC Financing Member in your area.

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5. Work out the details of your new home

Once you have decided on the location and manufacturer of your new home, the sales consultant will then work with you to fine tune the details of your home.

This is the time to make all the decisions necessary before construction begins.


You will work on any plan modifications, additions to standard specifications, upgrades, paint colours, tiles, flooring, cabinets, light fixtures, bathroom fixtures and finishes and appliances.

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6. Work out the details of your building site

Your sales person will assist you in finding a site, or will advise you on land lease communities in your area if you plan on leasing your lot.










If you already own a lot or are planning on purchasing a lot outside of a planned subdivision being developed by one of our manufacturers or retailers, your salesperson will want to visit your lot to check:

Selecting a building site– the intended location of your home on the lot
– soil conditions
– the directional coordinates of your lot that will indicate sun and prevalent wind
– access to the lot
– bringing in services and requirements for water and sewer


A visit to the lot may influence the final plan for your home.

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7. Construction begins

The actual construction of the home in the factory takes only a short time, as the home is built in a carefully orchestrated sequence, moving from one workstation to another, with a quality assurance process built into every step.


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8. Site preparation begins


While your home is being built in the factory, site preparation will begin.

This will include excavation, creating the foundation, drainage and water and sewer setup as required by the site location.

If you prefer, you can contract out this work but it is very important the work is done by professionals.

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9. Your new home is installed









The arrival of your home on the site is an exciting event! Depending on the house and the location, the home will be carefully rolled off a flatbed, or lifted by crane in sections, and gently set in place. In a matter of hours, the home will be securely assembled, and the finishing work begins, inside and out. It may take a few hours, a few days or several weeks before you can move in, depending on the features you have chosen.


Visit our manufacturers’ websites or locate a sales centre in our Member Directory to arrange a visit.


They’re there to help you make your new home everything you dreamed it could be.


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… discover the possibilities!

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Portions of the text have been used with permission of CMHI