Factory Built Housing



Factory built Homes Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Factory-built housing refers to homes that are built in a manufacturing facility using the most up-to-date building systems resulting in varying degrees of completion prior to delivery to a building site.


When you purchase a factory built home from one of our members you get homes that:

  • can be as large or as small as you want
  • can be single family dwellings, multi-family dwellings, multi-level dwellings, commercial buildings or an addition to your existing home
  • can be built to your exacting standards with your supplied plans or with one of our manufacturer’s many designs
  • can be customized to provide you with the perfect new home of your dreams

Home Interior - Living Room & Dining Room

  • offer exceptional quality  – advanced high-tech building systems allow for consistent and precision building to be applied to every home
  • can be built on budget – everything is planned and ordered before construction begins
  • can be delivered on time

A factory-based manufactured home offers “the best of both worlds” combining the latest energy-efficient and environmental housing technology with precision construction processes. Preview the following Articles:

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When you purchase a factory built home, you get factory-built quality.

 … discover the possibilities!